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Night and Day, “Obama hearts supermajority for healthcare” edition

Obama: He was for supermajorities for health care reform, before he was against them.

Remember this from then-candidate Obama (video at link)?

“If we want to transform the country though, that requires a sizeable majority.”

There’s more at the link, such as “We are not going to pass universal health care with a 50-plus-one strategy.”

And what did the Hypocrite-and-Liar-in-Chief say today?  Only this:

So, no matter which approach you favor, I believe the United States Congress owes the American people a final vote on health care reform. We have debated this issue thoroughly, not just for a year, but for decades. Reform has already passed the House with a majority. It has already passed the Senate with a supermajority of sixty votes. And now it deserves the same kind of up-or-down vote that was cast on welfare reform, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, COBRA health coverage for the unemployed, and both Bush tax cuts – all of which had to pass Congress with nothing more than a simple majority.

As Allah puts it, in his blog post title: “We owe the public an up or down vote on this bill that the public hates.”

Exit questions for you Obamaton Kool-Aid drinkers: Did you know this guy was an unapologetic liar, and if so, how does it feel to be morally bankrupt?


March 3, 2010 - Posted by | health care, hypocrisy, Night and Day, Obama, socialism

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