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AP poll takes a little snooze from reality

Rasmussen has B.O.’s overall approval rating at a pitiful 43%.  The pollster shows that the number of people who strongly support B.O. is at 22%, while the number who strongly oppose his policies are nearly doubled, 43%.

Every poll has B.O. under 50%.  So what does the state-run AP do?  Why, commission a poll showing B.O.’s approval “holding fairly steady” at 53%, naturally!  Ed notices a slight sampling problem, though:

An asset for his rank and file?  Hardly.  The AP only reaches that conclusion by surveying adults rather than registered or likely voters, which are polls more suited to predicting outcomes for elections.  The AP knows this, but apparently couldn’t be bothered to adjust its polling technique to more accurately predict electoral behavior — or wanted to put its finger on the scale without too many people discovering its game.

The partisan gap in this sample is another big reason.  While poll after poll shows that gap nearly disappearing, the AP sample has a whopping 11-point advantage for Democrats, 45/34, including independent leaners (page 31).  Without the leaners, it’s 33/23.  Bear in mind that Obama got elected in November 2008 with a seven-point advantage in the popular vote — and that was with significant Republican crossover voting.   The AP’s partisan split at that time was 48/34, 40/24 without leaners.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

March 10, 2010 - Posted by | media bias, Obama, polls

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