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Stupak traded his 100% lifetime pro-life rating for pork?

I’m sure this is all a huge coinkdink.

Supposed pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak may well have been bribed in order to buy his vote to support Barack Obama’s health care “reform.” //  Late Sunday, meticulous research by accountability-minded bloggers first brought to light a stealthy press release from Stupak’s own office this past Friday. The release announced a US Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration grant in the value of $726 409 for three airports in northern Michigan, meant to go to maintenance and improvements; Stupak represents Michigan’s 1st district. Suspicions have only increased with greater fervor since Stupak represented the so-called “pro-life” bloc of Democrat holdouts who wanted greater protections against abortion provisions included in the Senate version of Obamacare when it went to the House. Yet Stupak sold out on Sunday when offered a legally meaningless “executive order” that will be overruled by judges anyway, as the pro-abortion language in the bill carries more weight. If true, Stupak sold his soul for very little; after all, at least Mary Landrieu got $300 million for her state in the Louisiana Purchase.

What makes Stupak look really guilty in this matter is the very fishy timing of his sudden about-face, especially when you consider the recent timeline of his public statements on his stand on abortion language in the bill. As late as this past Friday, the 19th, Stupak was a firm “no,” even going and speaking to FNC’s Greta Van Susteren in reiterating his unreliably pro-life bloc of Democrats’ opposition to Obamacare. Then, though, came the press release later in the day, but also on Friday about how his northern Michigan district would get a cool $726,409 for airport improvements.

Now, fast forward to Saturday when Stupak wasn’t that vocal anymore—as he had consistently been in the days before his bribe, er, I mean, “grant” for his district—on how he’d vote. Finally, that brings us to  Sunday when he revealed how he’d sell his soul for a mere, useless piece of paper, an “executive order,” strengthening limits on abortion. As the National Right to Life Committee reasoned so very convincingly, the order doesn’t overturn any of the pro-abortion language in the bill, and courts will enforce a bill over an executive order. …

He’s totally against federal funding for the slaughter of unborn babies.  Unless his district can get some new goodies, in which case, what’s a few more fetal carcasses, right?  Good luck selling that one at the Pearly Gates, Stupork.

March 23, 2010 - Posted by | abortion, corruption, health care

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  1. Could we be so lucky to have him up for re-election this November?

    Comment by tnjack | March 24, 2010

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