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Night and Day, “McCain the Maverick” edition

Juan McAmnesty on the campaign trail in 2008:

I have a long record and the American people know me very well and that is independent and a maverick of the Senate and I’m happy to say that I’ve got a partner that’s a good maverick along with me now.

Juanny Mac over the weekend:

“I never considered myself a maverick,” he told me. “I consider myself a person who serves the people of Arizona to the best of his abilities.”


April 6, 2010 - Posted by | hypocrisy, McCain, Night and Day


  1. I would love to see a conservative run against Johnny RINO in the primary.

    Comment by tnjack | April 6, 2010

  2. tnjack, JD Hayworth is running against him in the primary. He’s way conservative compared with Johnny Mac and he also has the endorsement of the tea party folks. That’s why Johnny Mac is desperately trying to hide his RINOism.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | April 6, 2010

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