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Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

Chris “Tingles” Matthews: Hey, why doesn’t Obama sell America on how awesome socialism really is?

Well, Tingles is finally being honest about who liberals really are.  Shame it had to come after President Manchurian Candidate was elected.  Quoth the Leg Thrill guy on the little-watched MSDNC MSNBC network:

The problem is that we don’t think in terms of what would the country be like if we didn’t have Medicare for our parents as they get very old — in their eighties, for example, when they’re still alive, and they need health care, a lot of it.  And they don’t have any source of income.  They’re not working every morning.  They’re not making a paycheck.  What would it be like in this country?  Calcutta? Poor people all over the place? Old people lying in the streets?  I mean, we don’t think about what it would be if we didn’t have health care, if we didn’t have SocSecurity for people at the age of 65, if we didn’t have unemployment compensation, if we didn’t have a progressive income tax.  There’s a lot of things we don’t think about.  And the right-wing just pounds and pounds away at this idealistic notion of a cowboy country, everybody self-reliant (gasp! People self-reliant?  Perish the thought! – Ed.).  I think the progressives, for all their power on the blogosphere, have not done a positive case for the advantages of some kind of a social state.

That’s because there are no advantages for a socialist state!  Seriously, one has to wonder, when listening to Tingles and his ilk, how the country ever survived before FDR pre-socialized our country.  We were not Calcutta or some Third World nation, you leftist buffoon!  While they weren’t necessarily the golden years, those days certainly didn’t drive this country to the precipice of bankruptcy the way that socialism has.

As to “they haven’t done a good job explaining the virtues of socialism” statement, there’s a reason for that, Chris: if they tried to be as open as you are about it, they’d win in San Fransicko, Berserkeley, and nearly nowhere else.  Normal America rejects socialism, and that’s why you pustules have to force it on us incrementally.

While leftists like Tingles can freely tell both of his viewers how socialism rocks, elected officials have to be dishonest and clandestine about it.


April 8, 2010 - Posted by | moonbats, MSNBC, socialism


  1. Well said.

    Comment by Steve | April 10, 2010

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