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Cornyn wants another term as National Republican Senate Committee chairman

Details here.  Why is this newsworthy/blogworthy?

Because everything Cornyn touches turns to crap, that’s why.  A “reverse Midas touch”, if you will.

Last year, Cornyn endorsed Gov. Charlie Crist in the FL Senate GOP primary, over Marco Rubio.  Since then, Crist has been a dead man tanning walking, seeing his 30% lead turn go 60% the other direction.

Cornyn also endorsed Arlen Specter in the PA Senate GOP primary, over Pat Toomey.  How did Specter repay him?  By voting for Porkulus, then switching parties.  He since proved to be one of the crucial votes in getting ObamaCare enacted.  As it turns out, Toomey may very well beat Specter in November anyway, if current polls’ trends hold firm.

Cornyn also pulled out an IN retread, Dan Coats, to run for Evan Bayh’s seat.  Coats was such a lousy proponent of the Second Amendment that the NRA has promised to endorse Democrat Brad Ellsworth should Coats win the GOP primary.  This should be a guaranteed GOP pickup, but Cornyn and his boy could screw that up.

In other words, Cornyn is an establishment Republican.  It is because of establishment Republicans that we find ourselves with a socialist Congress and president.  The Tea Party movement and its accompanying popularity are a repudiation of establishment Republicans, not a return to them!  Conservatives will do quite well this November, so long as establishment Republicans stay the Hades out of the way!

April 15, 2010 - Posted by | conservatism

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