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So NOW McCain wants to build a fence along the Mexican border?

Wait, wait, wait. Lemme see if I’m getting this right:

Juan McAmnesty, a longtime champion of “comprehensive immigration reform” who hired an open borders shill to run his “Hispanic outreach” in 2008, once cursed people like me (and apparently like 70% of his state’s citizens) for wanting to build a (his words) “g-d-mned fence“.

But now that he’s in a dogfight in the AZ GOP primary, two years removed from being his party’s presidential nominee, he has suddenly seen the light on the importance of a border fence.  He’s running a commercial imploring the feds to “build the danged fence“!

Wow.  I mean, seriously…wow.  There’s flip-flopping, and then there’s shameless “please don’t hand me a pink slip, I’ll say anything you want me to say!” flip-flopping.  The “maverick” who has been willing to buck his party for years now suddenly finds himself “condescending” to the base, abandoning his convictions just to keep his seat on the gravy train!

I cordially invite you to self-fornicate, McCain.

May 13, 2010 - Posted by | hypocrisy, illegal immigration, McCain, shameful


  1. At least he has come around…finally. If he wins the nomination, he’s still better than any Obamacrat.

    Comment by Steve | May 14, 2010

  2. McCain, have you no shame man!
    I can’t stand opportunistic politicians with no principles!

    Comment by SojournerLove | May 15, 2010

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