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AZ utility company to LA: Do you still want electricity in your city?

As if Chris Christie’s takedown of a liberal reporter (pardon the redundancy) wasn’t enough to make me orgasmic, this retort from the AZ power commission to LA regarding an AZ boycott oughta do the trick.  Link to PDF here.

Dear Mayor Villaraigosa,

I was dismayed to learn that the Los Angeles City Council voted to boycott Arizona and Arizona-based companies — a vote you strongly supported — to show opposition to SB 1070 (Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act).

You explained your support of the boycott as follows: “While we recognize that as neighbors, we share resources and ties with the State of Arizona that may be difficult to sever, our goal is not to hurt the local economy of Los Angeles, but to impact the economy of Arizona.  Our intent is to use our dollars — or the withholding of our dollars — to send a message.” (emphasis added)

I received your message; please receive mine.  As a state-wide elected member of the Arizona Corporation Commission overseeing Arizona’s electric and water utilities, I too am keenly aware of the “resources and ties” we share with the City of Los Angeles. In fact, approximately twenty-five percent of the electricity consumed in Los Angeles is generated by power plants in Arizona.

If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation. I am confident that Arizona’s utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands. If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona’s economy.

People of goodwill can disagree over the merits of SB 1070. A state-wide economic boycott of Arizona is not a message sent in goodwill.


Commissioner Gary Pierce

Ball’s in your court now, LA.  😆

May 18, 2010 - Posted by | California, illegal immigration, political correctness


  1. An excellent response from Gary Pierce. Maybe the LA mayor can get Arnie to supply ALL his power needs now.

    Comment by tnjack | May 19, 2010

  2. No, just declare that there is not an Arizona-produced energy shortage, allow the media to down-play the lack of power as an “unforeseen down-trend in energy output”, and blame George Bush…seems to work for everything else they do…

    Comment by Kevin | May 19, 2010

  3. I saw this one coming from a mile away. LA liberals brought a knife to a gunfight. Why would LA liberals think they could come around, flash a threat of boycott and make us nervous? We carry firearms without government requirement of a permit. Duh!

    Comment by TheBad | May 20, 2010

  4. Boom Boom…Out go the lights!!!

    Comment by Steve | May 20, 2010

  5. I think Arizona should pull the plug on L. A.

    Comment by SojournerLove | May 21, 2010

  6. I am glad that people on my side are growing some balls and calling these libs out on their little bullshit protests and boycotts. It reminds me of what Regan did to the Soviets, and the parallels here make for some delicious irony.

    Comment by Lon | May 22, 2010

  7. I hope arizona dose cut off the electricty to LOS ANEGLEWORMS and see how they like that

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | March 31, 2011

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