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Obama meets with Bill Clinton, discusses crisis management

This one practically writes itself, doesn’t it?

But before the presser, Obama will have lunch with someone who knows something about damage control. 

Former President Clinton, whose affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky landed him in trouble with the law, Congress and his wife, might have a thing or two to tell Obama about how to handle a crisis.

Well, if anyone knows about trying to do damage controls over unwanted spills and “plug the damn hole”, it’s Bubba.  😆

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Chris Christie argues with government school teacher about pay; teacher a little “less than honest”

There is a great exchange between NJ Gov. Christie and an NEA teacher (Rita Wilson) regarding Gov. Christie’s education budget, the video of which can be seen here.  Here’s a snippet from the news story:

But borough teacher Rita Wilson, a Kearny resident, argued that if she were paid $3 an hour for the 30 children in her class, she’d be earning $83,000, and she makes nothing near that.

“You’re getting more than that if you include the cost of your benefits,” Christie interrupted.

When Wilson, who has a master’s degree, said she was not being compensated for her education and experience, Christie said:

“Well, you know then that you don’t have to do it.” Some in the audience applauded…

Your union said that is the greatest assault on public education in the history of the state,” Christie said. “That’s why the union has no credibility, stupid statements like that.”

Did I mention that I luvs me some Chris Christie?  😆

If I don’t like my career or job, I’m free to pursue one I do like.  We all are.

Teachers do what they do because of a love for the profession, a commitment to developing students, and various other reasons (the vast majority of them worthwhile).  They get into the profession knowing that they will likely never be well-compensated.  We can talk all day long whether they should be better paid, but that’s not the point at all.  The point is that they know they aren’t going to be rolling in the dough.

Unless, maybe, you’re Rita Wilson, the teacher complaining to Gov. Christie who says she “makes nothing near” $83k.  Really?  “Nothing near that”, huh?From Red State:

There’s just one problem. There is one Rita Wilson working for the Rutherford School District. Assuming the teacher confronting Governor Christie is the same lady, she has no freaking clue what she makes.

Public records from the school district show her making $86,000+.

So yes Governor, you should support this lady being paid $3.00 per child and save some money.

As Erick says in his post title, I sure hope she isn’t a math teacher.

Obviously, she was not talking about herself…which means she was misrepresenting herselfDick Blumenthal just called from CT to say he doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

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Mexico tells America how to police its own borders

Holy frijoles, Señor Batman!  Calderon sure has huevos grandes to say this:

Regarding the Administration’s decision to send 1,200 National Guard servicemen to the US Southern border, the Government of Mexico trusts that this decision will help to channel additional US resources to enhance efforts to prevent the illegal flows of weapons and bulk cash into Mexico, which provide organized crime with its firepower and its ability to corrupt.

Additionally, the Government of Mexico expects that National Guard personnel will strengthen US operations in the fight against transnational organized crime that operates on both sides of our common border and that it will not, in accordance to its legal obligations, conduct activities directly linked to the enforcement of immigration laws.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  The National Guard should not “conduct activities directly linked to the enforcement of immigration laws”?  What does he think they are there for, free burritos?  Have they been smoking some quality peyote or what?

He should be thankful that America isn’t as barbaric as Mexico in protecting our borders

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