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Washington comPost tries to bail out Obama’s illegal job offers by comparing him to…Nixon?

Not sure this is the best way to help a friend out, comPost.  Excerpt:

Think President Obama’s aides were the first to consider offering administration jobs to potential candidates for elected office in an effort to get them to drop out of divisive primary races?

Think again.

A never before published memo shows that President Richard Nixon’s aides had an elaborate plan to offer jobs to Republicans they believed were a “drag on the ticket” in the months leading up to the 1972 election.

The memo was penned by Nixon aide Fred Malek, now a major national Republican operative and head of a government reform panel in Virginia, and submitted to Nixon chief of staff H.R. Haldeman in 1971. In the memo, Malek dissects every congressional, senatorial and gubernatorial election that would take place in 1972, assessing whether Republicans likely to run in those races would hurt and help Nixon, who was running for reelection.

Seriously?  The comPost is saying “Yeah, well, a Republican president did it, too!”, and the Republican president they reference is that paragon of virtue known as Richard Nixon?  With friends like the comPost, who needs enemies?


June 4, 2010 - Posted by | corruption, media bias, Obama

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