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Obama’s “oil spill commission” has technical experience in a lot of areas…other than oil spills

Each passing day, this country of ours suffers greatly by the massively incompetent Carter clone occupying the Oval Office.  Details:

The panel appointed by President Barack Obama to investigate the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is short on technical expertise but long on talking publicly about “America’s addiction to oil.” One member has blogged about it regularly.

Only one of the seven commissioners, the dean of Harvard’s engineering and applied sciences school, has a prominent engineering background — but it’s in optics and physics. Another is an environmental scientist with expertise in coastal areas and the after-effects of oil spills. Both are praised by other scientists.

The five other commissioners are experts in policy and management.

The White House said the commission will focus on the government’s “too cozy” relationship with the oil industry. A presidential spokesman said panel members will “consult the best minds and subject matter experts” as they do their work.

The commission has yet to meet, yet some panel members had made their views known.

Environmental activist Frances Beinecke on May 27 blogged: “We can blame BP for the disaster and we should. We can blame lack of adequate government oversight for the disaster and we should. But in the end, we also must place the blame where it originated: America’s addiction to oil.” And on June 3, May 27, May 22, May 18, May 4, she called for bans on drilling offshore and the Arctic.

“Even as questions persist, there is one thing I know for certain: the Gulf oil spill isn’t just an accident. It’s the result of a failed energy policy,” Beinecke wrote on May 20.

Two other commissioners also have gone public to urge bans on drilling.

When the White House announced the commission, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and others made compared it with the one that investigated the 1986 Challenger accident. This one, however, doesn’t have as many technical experts.

The 13-member board that looked into the first shuttle accident had seven engineering and aviation experts and three other scientists. The 2003 board that looked into the Columbia shuttle disaster also had more than half of the panel with expertise in engineering and aviation.

Iraj Ersahaghi, who heads the petroleum engineering program the University of Southern California, reviewed the names of oil spill commissioners and asked, “What do they know about petroleum?”  (They know two things about petroleum: jack and squat. – Ed.)

But hey, don’t you go thinking he’s some left-wing ideologue who is far more impressed with academic credentials than actual real-world accomplishments, outside the cocoon of the ivory tower idealism detached from reality that academia provides!


June 21, 2010 - Posted by | big government, environuts, Obama, oil


  1. It’s all about promoting the Green ideology and promoting crappy fuel alternatives. Obama and his minions couldn’t be more transparent about their motives if they tried.

    Comment by SojournerLove | June 21, 2010

  2. One thing that was said was true, part of the blame can be put on America’s addiction to cheep oil. However the Greens and Libs have never truly done anything to stop the problem. The innovation that the market would create is squashed for government lead wasteful attempts at green energy. The Greens and Libs are instead more in government control of all sectors of life and Communist take over of the economy through the distruction of the energy sector as we know it.

    If capitalistic principles were applied in the 70’s, We’d be energy independent today.

    Comment by steve | June 21, 2010

  3. Steve if the environmentalists wouldn’t hinder drilling right now, we would be energy independent immediately!

    Comment by tnjack | June 22, 2010

  4. Those stupid eco-freaks couldnt care less about all those poor birds getting oiled up they just use the images of the oiled birds in some big time money making campagn and almost always using some hollywood wacko like LEONARDO DeCAPREO or some liberal green wacko in their junk mail

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | March 31, 2011

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