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Pelosi mad at Gibbs for stating the obvious

President Kick#ss’ spokesboob, Robert Gibbs, acknowledged in an interview that enough House seats are in play this November to give Republicans control.  Speaker Botox was none too happy:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bashed White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Tuesday night, even as the president’s top spokesman continued to backpedal from his assertion that Democrats could lose control of the House in the November election.

The fusillade from Pelosi and other Democrats at a closed-door meeting escalated an already fiery clash between the White House and its own party in Congress. During the tense evening meeting, the speaker grilled the top White House aide in attendance, senior legislative affairs staffer Dan Turton, about the impact of Gibbs’ comments.

“How could [Gibbs] know what is going on in our districts?” Pelosi told her members in the caucus meeting in the basement of the Capitol Tuesday night. (Um…because every poll in the world shows Dems imploding? – CL.)  “Some may weigh his words more than others. We have made our disagreement known to the White House.”

It is also rumored that Pe-loco fumed at Gibbs for noticing that water was wet, the sun was warm, and Ellen DeGeneres was a little on the gay side.


July 14, 2010 - Posted by | Pelosi

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  1. She’s fuming because He dared state that the Democrats are in hot water.
    I hope someone makes her angry to the point where she speaks her true heart concerning the citizenry.

    Comment by SojournerLove | July 14, 2010

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