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It’s official: Obama sucks at running car companies

Considering that ObaMao hasn’t ever run so much as a lemonade stand, this comes as no real surprise:

President Obama’s auto task force pressed General Motors and Chrysler to close scores of dealerships without adequately considering the jobs that would be lost or having a firm idea of the cost savings that would be achieved, an audit of the process has concluded.

The report by Neil M. Barofsky, the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program of the Treasury Department, said both carmakers needed to shut down some underperforming dealerships. But it questioned whether the cuts should have been made so quickly, particularly during a recession. The report, released on Sunday, estimated that tens of thousands of jobs were lost as a result.

“It is not at all clear that the greatly accelerated pace of the dealership closings during one of the most severe economic downturns in our nation’s history was either necessary for the sake of the companies’ economic survival or prudent for the sake of the nation’s economic recovery,” the report said.

What kind of authority figures did President Kicking-Businesses’-#ss appoint?  These kinds:

Barack Obama put Steve Rattner in charge of running his auto bailout program, a man who had just as much experience in the auto industry as Obama did: he drove a few cars.  Rattner had to make a quick exit after just a few months when it became known that he was the target of a federal probe into questionable activities regarding the New York pension fund — and his replacement had just as much experience in the auto industry as Rattner did.

What was the main entry on Ron Bloom’s resume?  He was a union negotiator.

Wow.  It’s as if the government doesn’t know anything about business and stuff!

July 19, 2010 - Posted by | big government, corruption, Detroit, economic ignorance, Obama, unions


  1. The fact that Obamacare passed scares me more than anything he and his cohorts in congress have done so far!
    He’s Mr. look good while doing absolutely nothing.

    Comment by SojournerLove | July 19, 2010

  2. I still don’t think it’s accidental but an intentional effort to grab power and control over all aspects of our capitalist society. Capitalism is a dirty word among dictatorships and communistic countries.
    As I heard on the news earlier, I would love to hear Biden’s definition of a dictator!

    Comment by tnjack | July 20, 2010

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