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Obama for same-sex marriage…before he was against it…or was it AFTER he was against it?

Aw, heck, who knows?  But Fox News has a handy little run-down on his shifting positions over the years.  Read it and chuckle…or weep.  Whatevs.

Exit question: If he opposes gay marriage (which he said he does, multiple times), and he supported the right of California to decide for themselves (which they did: 53% voted to adopt B.O.’s position and ban gay marriage), and he applauds the gay judge that just overturned CA’s Prop 8 because Prop 8 was “divisive and discriminatory”…then doesn’t that logically mean that President Kick#ss applauds the judge for overturning the electorate’s decision to implement his own “divisive and discriminatory” position?  “Hey, I sure am glad that judge didn’t uphold my own personal divisive and discriminatory beliefs!  It sure would have sucked if my bigoted position were law.”


August 5, 2010 Posted by | California, gay, hypocrisy, Obama | 5 Comments