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Dems’ new message for midterms: OK, we lied about ObamaCare’s cost savings

But you must re-elect them so that they can…um…fix the takeover of healthcare that they forced down the public’s throat against massive public opposition and of which they seriously (intentionally?) underestimated the cost and never actually read.

Liberals: moving the goalposts when necessary.  Excerpt:

Key White House allies are dramatically shifting their attempts to defend health care legislation, abandoning claims that it will reduce costs and deficit and instead stressing a promise to “improve it.”

The messaging shift was circulated this afternoon on a conference call and PowerPoint presentation organized by Families USA — one of the central groups in the push for the initial legislation. The call was led by a staffer for the Herndon Alliance, which includes leading labor groups and other health care allies. It was based on polling from three top Democratic pollsters: John Anzalone, Celinda Lake and Stan Greenberg.

The confidential presentation, available in full here and provided to POLITICO by a source on the call, suggests that Democrats are acknowledging the failure of their predictions that the health care legislation would grow more popular after its passage, as its benefits became clear and rhetoric cooled. Instead, the presentation is designed to win over a skeptical public, and to defend the legislation — and in particular the individual mandate — from a push for repeal.

The presentation’s final page of “Don’ts” counsels against claiming “the law will reduce costs and deficit.”

The presentation advises, instead, sales pitches that play on personal narratives and promises to change the legislation.

Good luck with that message in November. “Yeah, we know you didn’t want it, and we shamelessly lied about its costs and negative impacts while dismissing your concerns. So how’s about putting us back in charge, huh?”

Next time you hear a leftist try to argue that ObamaCare is going to reduce costs, mention to the little pinko that not even the Democrats are making that argument anymore.  They knew it was a lie when they jammed down our pieholes, and they’re now not even going to pretend anymore.


August 19, 2010 - Posted by | big government, health care, Obama, socialism


  1. Expect the messaging to be something along the lines of, “it would have been perfect if not for all those lousy Republicans stopping us from our good work”.

    Expect few to buy it.

    Comment by TheBad | August 19, 2010

  2. Republican warned of this and asked for a slow down, but Polosi and the White House said it was an emergency and “We’ll know what’s in it after we pass it.” Now we know what’s in it, we know they lied about everything in it, and we are expected to somehow trust them with the fix when they wouldn’t take Republican advice the first time that would have solved their problems. Come on! They really think the American people are stupid and blind. The only fix now is to vote the Dems out, repeal the original legislation, and start again fresh.

    Comment by Steve | August 20, 2010

  3. They really think the American people are stupid and blind.

    Yes, they do. That’s how liberalism operates. They think people are too stupid to make informed decisions for themselves, and as such, it takes intellectuals to think for the masses. And if the public doesn’t produce a Republican House in November, their condescending beliefs will be validated.

    Comment by crushliberalism | August 20, 2010

  4. I’m no fool. Nobody who values honor would trust those lying snakes to be honorable let alone fix the abomination that was their intent to impose upon us in the first place.

    Comment by SojournerLove | August 20, 2010

  5. Addendum: “piehole” is no longer an acceptable term, as pie has been classified as unhealthy and therefore contraband as per the ObamaCare nutritional guidelines. In the future, please use the Obama approved term, “tofuhole”.


    Howard Dean’s Whiskey Bottle

    Comment by TheBad | August 20, 2010

  6. In the future, please use the Obama approved term, “tofuhole”.


    Howard Dean’s Whiskey Bottle


    Comment by crushliberalism | August 21, 2010

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