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My endorsement for Florida GOP governor: None of the above

For those of you outside of Florida, here’s a recap of our GOP gubernatorial primary:

Attorney General (and former Congressman) Bill McCollum is running against businessman Rick Scott.  Initially, I was leaning towards McCollum.  Then, Scott began running commercials showing that McCollum opposed the AZ immigration law.  At that point, I leaned towards Scott.

In response, McCollum ran commercials showing Scott’s hospitals getting in trouble for Medicare fraud, paying millions of dollars in fines.  Though Scott was not implicated with any crimes, as CEO, he is ultimately responsible.  I began having a few doubts about Scott’s judgment.  Second look at McCollum, maybe?

Since then, the campaign has gone nasty and sleazy, by both of them.  I received about 20 pieces of mail from Scott last week, calling McCollum anything but a child of God.  One of these ads blamed McCollum for paying an expert in a trial with taxpayer money, only to see that expert get caught with a male prostitute in Europe.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  McCollum’s supposed to be culpable for that?

Scott has run a commercial lately that plays McCollum saying in one video clip that the AZ immigration law was “that far out”, and then saying in the second video clip that “No, I never said it was ‘far out’!  I beg to differ with you.”  Point made: McCollum’s a liar.  He would have been better off saying “Initially, I thought the law allowed for racial profiling, but after actually reading all of it, I see that my initial impression was incorrect.  Thus, I have now embraced the law.”  But he didn’t.  His first instinct was to lie.

So, I trust neither candidate.  I will vote for neither man tomorrow in our primary.  I fear that the nastiness of this primary has paved the way for Democrat Alex Sink to win the general election in November, and if that happens, I won’t forgive either of these two hyper-ambitious jerks.


August 23, 2010 - Posted by | Florida


  1. “and if that happens, I won’t forgive either of these two hyper-ambitious jerks.”
    I thought this is why there is an RNC leader? Why didn’t he get involved with the Florida primaries earlier so as to reign in the attack ads and prevent the dems from gaining the office?
    This sounds like why many voted foe McCain, because he was the lesser of two evils!

    Comment by tnjack | August 23, 2010

  2. Totally agree. I was so disgusted with both of them that I voted for McCalister in protest, and apparently, so did 10% of other Republicans.

    I will not vote for Scott in November. I refuse to have that blood on my hands. I think that Florida Republicans, in their righteous anti-incumbency passion, have elected an unknown, a man of words and no deeds with a questionable past. He might do a good job, but more likely he may be our Obama.

    Comment by Fargin Bastiges | August 27, 2010

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