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Obama’s Iraq speech: If you support the troops, you’ll support my failed and discredited agenda

What a shameless, self-serving jerk!  Excerpt from President Kick#ss’s speech:

And so at this moment, as we wind down the war in Iraq, we must tackle those challenges at home with as much energy, and grit, and sense of common purpose as our men and women in uniform who have served abroad. They have met every test that they faced. Now, it is our turn. Now, it is our responsibility to honor them by coming together, all of us, and working to secure the dream that so many generations have fought for –the dream that a better life awaits anyone who is willing to work for it and reach for it.

Our most urgent task is to restore our economy, and put the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs back to work. To strengthen our middle class, we must give all our children the education they deserve, and all our workers the skills that they need to compete in a global economy. We must jumpstart industries that create jobs, and end our dependence on foreign oil. We must unleash the innovation that allows new products to roll off our assembly lines, and nurture the ideas that spring from our entrepreneurs. This will be difficult. But in the days to come, it must be our central mission as a people, and my central responsibility as President.

“Support my agenda, or the terrorists win”…or something.  Actually, I like Ace’s blog post title the best to sum this up: “Now Is The Time We Must Honor Our Returning Troops By Transforming The Country Into Something They Wouldn’t Recognize And Don’t Want!”

The Commander-in-Chief (and a poor one, at that) actually used our soldiers’ moment in the sun for campaigning in favor of his horrific socialist economic and environmentalist agenda.  How sick is that?


September 1, 2010 - Posted by | economic ignorance, Iraq, Obama


  1. This whole idea of troop withdrawal was political TIMING! Generals and Iraqi citizens were asking why the U.S. wouldn’t wait until after their next election so as to have some semblance of leadership and the timing to train even more security forces.
    Political timing for the midterm elections!

    Comment by tnjack | September 1, 2010

  2. tnjack, You hit it right on the money. However it’s not going to make a hill of beans difference to the independant voter whom he has lost. It only helps him with his left frindge and code pinkers.

    Comment by Steve | September 1, 2010

  3. BHO cannot give a single speech without that speech being all about himself.


    Comment by Always On Watch | September 2, 2010

  4. I feel no sympathy for Obama let him flounder in his failed legacy. Let all of his phony baloney hope and change come back to bite him come 2012 too.

    Comment by SojournerLove | September 6, 2010

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