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Murkowski launches write-in candidacy

She got beat in her primary.  Then she says she’s “not a quitter” and decides to launch a long-shot write-in campaign, ignoring the fact that getting beat isn’t the same as quitting.  Will she siphon off enough votes from Joe Miller to get a Democrat elected in a cherry red state during the Great Red Tsunami of 2010?  Time will tell.

Joe Miller tore into her by saying that Murky’s “lifeblood is power“, and I think that’s obvious to anyone.  After all, she complained that getting beat in her primary “didn’t give all Alaskans a voice” in the matter…which is the friggin’ point of a party primary, right?

Exit question (albeit one that requires a little setup here, so bear with me):

Is what Murky doing the same thing as what Lieberman did in CT in 2006?  I mean, Liebs got beat in his party’s primary, then turned around and ran as an indy and won.  The left tried to say that what Crist did in FL is no different than what Liebs did four years ago, to which the response is “Of course it’s different!”  See, Suntan Charlie quit the party when he realized he was going to get beat, before his party’s primary.  Afterwards, he disavowed everything he had ever allegedly stood for his entire political life.  Joey L never did that in CT, and his voting record since then proves he is still a Democrat.  I’m not saying that Liebs didn’t run as an indy for the purposes of holding onto power, as I’m sure that’s exactly why he ran.

That said, I must ask because I fancy myself as a consistent fellow: While Crist’s situation isn’t the same as Murky’s, is what Murky doing the same thing as what Lieberman did in CT in 2006?

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