Crush Liberalism

Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

Crist: Hey, you know what could save Social Security? Amnesty for illegal aliens!

This must be seen to be believed:

Believe it or not, there is a more jaw-dropping statement from Governor Oompa Loompa:

When asked why he was sending out mailers with differing messages to different voting blocks, Crist explained that he was trying to reach out to all voters.

Wow.  Just wow.  “Voter block 1 wants to hear that I’m pro-choice, and voter block 2 wants to hear that I’m pro-life.  So I’ll send out mailers to both of them with different messages, telling them what they want to hear.  You know, to ‘reach out to all voters’ and stuff?”

He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth, which is tough to do through such a shiite-eating grin.

September 22, 2010 - Posted by | Charlie Crist, Florida, hypocrisy, illegal immigration, shameful, Social Security


  1. That ain’t all he’s talking out of. What a feminine hygiene device….

    Comment by Kevin | September 23, 2010

  2. Every time the guy opens his mouth, more liberal stupidity spews out. Now he’s repealing the ban on gay adoption. He sure duped the voters in Florida. It’ll be a pleasure to watch Marco Rubio mop the floor with him in November.

    Comment by Kanaka GIrl | September 23, 2010

  3. Mr. Crist must go! Not only him but all the lying politicians!

    Comment by SojournerLove | September 26, 2010

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