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Washington comPost lauds story of stimulus success by pointing to report authored by…I’m not kidding…Joe Biden!

Here’s the summary: A report that just so happened to find nothing but praises of and success items in the Obama-Biden Porkulus was authored by the Vice Plagiarist himself.  “Hey, I checked into our work, and as luck would have it, my research shows that we’re pretty friggin’ awesome!”

What’s crazier than that?  How about that the Washington comPost and their leftist brethren in the MSM would take Biden’s attaboy report and go “Wow, that stimulus thing really worked, huh?”  Uncritically.  Unfazed by the notion that maybe the author of the report had a compelling interest in representing the outcome a certain way.  Unapologetically.  That’s the comPost for you:

The massive economic stimulus package President Obama pushed through Congress last year is coming in on time and under budget – and with strikingly few claims of fraud or abuse (I thought the point of the “stimulus” was the presence of new jobs, not the absence of fraud? – CL)– according to a White House report to be released Friday.

Coming barely a month before November’s midterm elections, which will determine whether Democrats retain control of Congress, the report challenges public perceptions of the stimulus aid as slow-moving and wasteful – an image that has fueled voter anger with the dominant party. Even some former skeptics who predicted that the money would lead to rampant abuse now acknowledge that the program could serve as a model for improving efficiency in government.
The report, a copy of which was provided to The Washington Post, is one in a series of assessments prepared by Vice President Biden.

According to a report to be released Friday, Crush Liberalism is the hottest blog on Al Gore’s invention, and its host was voted the hottest AND wittiest blogger in the universe.  Skeptics of these claims were won over after the report was presented by…Crush Liberalism.

Nope…no liberal media bias!


October 4, 2010 - Posted by | Biden, economic ignorance, media bias, pork

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  1. HEY! The “Stimulus” package has been delightfully absent of EXCESSIVE fraud (define that relative concoction). Isn’t that wonderful?! What? Er…no…the economy hasn’t been stimulated by it, but LOOK! Not a whole heaping mess of exposed fraud! Let’s pass another one!
    Kind of like the assault on Bush’s shift in motive behind the Iraq invasion…now there is a shift behind the stimulus package.
    I bought a new computer…it does NOTHING that it is supposed to do, but HEY, it is delightfully absent of viruses! I’m buying another one for my friends!

    Comment by Kevin | October 5, 2010

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