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Separated at birth, Allen Grayson edition

I may start run this “Separated at birth” thing, just to make fun of how moonbats look.  If that’s not a display of intellectual heft, I don’t know what is.  😆

Anywho, barking moonbat Allen Grayson (D-FL) and Carl Childers from Sling Blade:

I think they both like them thar French fried taters.  Mmm-hmmm!


October 25, 2010 - Posted by | Grayson, separated at birth


  1. I’d rather vote for Carl Childers.
    Grayson is a DISGRACE to the people of Florida.

    Comment by Kanaka GIrl | October 25, 2010

  2. ALAN GRAYSON is GONE and GOOD RIDDENCE TO BAD RUBBISH and make sure theres a place where toxic waste is taken becuase not even the seagulls wouldnt want to go near this scum-rat

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | April 17, 2011

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