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Happy Veterans Day!

Thanks to those who have served this country, defending normal America and moonbats alike.  God bless you!  🙂

November 11, 2010 - Posted by | non-political

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  1. vets, thank you. we need you, despite the liberal claims. If not for you, the people who hate us will kill us. The REAL world needs you, and thanks to those who have served in that role in the past.
    And by the way, I hope that the new Congress will NOT support defense cuts…especially as Iran builds a nuclear bomb! these are dire times, and we need conservative leadership who live in the real world, where bad people (and notice that I didn’t call them misunderstood, misrepresented, under-resourced, under-opportunitized victims…they are BAD people) want to hurt America, her citizens, and her interest rather than the liberal dream world where everyone will love us if we would just bow down to their whims, wishes, and stop being so great. Cut GROSS over-spending in gov’t, but a strong defense is critical!

    Comment by Kevin | November 12, 2010

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