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Quote of the day, “Pelosi’s myopia” edition

Every one of us has seen commercials tying a Democrat to San Fran Nan this election cycle.  And with most of those Dems wiped out, what is Speaker (for now) Botox’s reply?

We didn’t lose the election because of me,” Ms. Pelosi told National Public Radio in an interview that aired Friday morning. “Our members do not accept that.”

See, it was the economy, and not Pe-loser, that trashed her party and her speakership.  The same economy that her and her party ignored for over a year in order to commandeer 1/6 of the economy via ObamaCare…which, by the way, the overwhelming majority of the people didn’t want passed anyway?  That economy?  Yeah, totally not related to her at all.

I’m giddier than Barney Frank at a Chippendales show that these morons are going to put her back in charge.

November 12, 2010 - Posted by | Pelosi, quote of the day


  1. Even more chortle-worthy from this interview with totally unbiased and objective NPR:

    “We don’t let the Republicans choose our leaders, and again, our members understand, they made me a target because I’m effective, politically and policy-wise.”

    They are lucky, because Republicans would be more than happy to leave her unique face in the spotlight for continued moronic media spots like this one. She emphasizes how effective she is, yet forgets that just before that, she was talking about near-10% unemployment.

    Yeah, really effective there, Stretchy McHugegavel.

    Comment by TheBad | November 12, 2010

  2. Very effective policy-wise…if political euthanasia was the objective.

    Comment by Kevin | November 16, 2010

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