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Sick: Planned Parenthood sues Alaska to stop implementation of parental notification

Where do you crazy parents get off thinking that you have a right to know what surgical procedures are being performed on your minor children?  The abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood will be damned (I could stop the sentence there, couldn’t I?) if they’re going to stand by and let you meddlesome parents get in the way of your kid’s right to slaughter her unborn child!

These Planned Parenthood vermin are sick, vile, evil cretins.

November 23, 2010 Posted by | abortion, shameful | 8 Comments

Rush mocks Rangel’s defender, John Lewis (D-GA), over “he went to Selma” defense

Lewis: I don’t know the facts of Rangel’s case, but I do know that Rangel went to Selma, so that ought to count for something.  Right?

Video clip at The Right Scoop, and it’s funny (and classic Rush).

November 23, 2010 Posted by | bigotry, hypocrisy, shameful | 1 Comment

NJ Gov. Chris Christie recalls conversation with teachers union head

My man-crush on the fat guy continues.  Enjoy!

November 23, 2010 Posted by | Chris Christie, New Jersey, public education, unions | 2 Comments