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Senate’s ignorance of the Constitution imperils food safety bill passed in lame duck session

Imagine the shock, shock, I experienced in discovering that Democrats in the Senate (and the idiot Republicans who voted for this bill) have no real knowledge of the Constitution they were sworn to uphold.  Details:

A food safety bill that has burned up precious days of the Senate’s lame-duck session appears headed back to the chamber because Democrats violated a constitutional provision requiring that tax provisions originate in the House.

By pre-empting the House’s tax-writing authority, Senate Democrats appear to have touched off a power struggle with members of their own party in the House. The Senate passed the bill Tuesday, sending it to the House, but House Democrats are expected to use a procedure known as “blue slipping” to block the bill, according to House and Senate GOP aides.

The debacle could prove to be a major embarrassment for Senate Democrats, who sought Tuesday to make the relatively unknown bill a major political issue by sending out numerous news releases trumpeting its passage.

Section 107 of the bill includes a set of fees that are classified as revenue raisers, which are technically taxes under the Constitution. According to a House GOP leadership aide, that section has ruffled the feathers of Ways and Means Committee Democrats, who are expected to use the blue slip process to block completion of the bill.

As Ed notes…

Now what?  The House will either block the bill entirely or pass its own version of it.  The latter option will mean that Reid will have to hold a vote to reopen debate on the bill, and will need unanimous consent to limit that debate.  Otherwise, it could take the rest of the legislative calendar in the Senate to move the bill before the session ends and the bill has to be reintroduced.  Even if the House cooperated, the bill could later be challenged in court as being procedurally deficient.


Considering that the national abortion known as ObamaCare is clearly unconstitutional and yet passed the Senate (and House) anyway, this latest public display of constitutional ignorance shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  But hey, it’s nice to know that Democrats are screwing up so badly in their last throes of power that they can inflict little additional damage to the country beyond that which they have already inflicted.  How unsurprising that in their final days of power, their main preoccupation isn’t jobs or the economy, but in expanding government power and regulations.

December 1, 2010 - Posted by | big government, Constitution


  1. Expanded government power and regulations IS the economy of the Democratic party!

    Comment by Kevin | December 1, 2010

  2. They’re just mad because a lot of American citizens decided they had enough of their arrogance and corruption. I won’t deny that there are some corrupt Republicans. However it seems corruption and Democrats go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    Comment by SojournerLove | December 1, 2010

  3. The Dems wasted the last 2 year (some could say the last 4 years) not doing the peoples work, rather serving themselves and their special interests. Now, when time is running out on many pieces of vital legislation, the Dems in the House and Senate still can’t do the right thing. I’m soo disapointed in them. Why do I continue to have faith in my elected officials to do the right thing.

    Comment by Steve | December 1, 2010

  4. Good question Steve…

    Comment by Kevin | December 1, 2010

  5. In this instance, I’m grateful for the ignorance of Congress and I hope the House can undo this horrible bill. All it will do is make the cost of food skyrocket. That’s the LAST thing we need with our ever tanking economy!

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | December 2, 2010

  6. Kanaka Girl…haven’t you heard the left back in the “Summer of Recovery”? All is well!

    Comment by Kevin | December 3, 2010

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