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Pelosi uses dirty trick to ram through bill that raises taxes on Americans

From CNN:

Congressional Democrats rammed a bill through the House of Representatives Thursday permanently extending the Bush-era tax cuts only for families making $250,000 a year or less.

It would maintain the current Alternative Minimum Tax limit for two years.

The measure, which passed on a sharply polarized 234-188 vote, would allow the Bush tax cuts to expire after December 31 for the wealthiest Americans. Most Democrats backed the bill, while most Republicans opposed it.

When the left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) say “the wealthiest Americans”, they are referring to small business owners.  Small business owners provide about 3/4 of the jobs in America today, and the overwhelming majority of small business owners are LLC’s or Sub-Chapter S corporations that report business income on their personal tax returns.  Whenever Democrats demean and demonize the “evil rich”, it is the small business owner that they attack.

Naturally, the small business owner will not expend capital or hire anyone when they know that they are about to get “shellacked” (to use President Kick#ss’ term) in their pocketbooks.  They will lay off employees to keep their expenses low and minimize the impending tax hike as much as possible.  “Sorry, Jane, I need to let you go so I can send your salary to Uncle Sam.  He thinks I’m rich, so the government having your salary is more important than you having your salary.  Sucks for you.  But hey, San Fran Nan says that the unemployment check and food stamps you receive will stimulate the economy.  Now don’t you just feel totally stimulated, Jane?”

John Boehner called the move “chicken crap“, and he’s right when you consider that the House’s tax hike bill is DOA in the Senate (all 42 Republicans have promised to filibuster it).  In other words, Pe-loser is telling the American people “Screw you!” on her way out the door.  You stay classy, Speaker Botox.


December 2, 2010 - Posted by | economic ignorance, Pelosi, shameful, taxes


  1. What can I really say about this? Anything to maintain the Class War, right? Just keep the poor mad so they will vote left…nevermind many will BE poor if this thing went through; they make me wanna vomit!

    Comment by Kevin | December 2, 2010

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