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Laugher of the day, courtesy of Tingles Matthews

BEVERAGE WARNING!  Put down your drink before reading this, courtesy of Newsbusters:

Patrick Gavin at Politico captured revelations from a Thursday interview Chris Matthews granted at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in DC. On his show: “Obviously, I think I’m the best. But each one of the other people think they’re the best, too….I think I’m the best, generally….There’s no doubt about it, in fact, but other people have different views….‘Hardball’ is absolutely nonpartisan.

Someone hand me a spatula so I can scrape my jaw off the ground.


December 9, 2010 - Posted by | media bias, MSNBC


  1. You see, though? How can anyone REASON with people whose mental processes operate like this? You just can’t.

    Comment by Kevin | December 10, 2010

  2. Just when I thought Tingles couldn’t get anymore pathetic!

    Comment by SojournerLove | December 10, 2010

  3. I actually enjoy Chris Matthews and Hardball. It’s the best Sitom on TV.

    Comment by Steve | December 13, 2010

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