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Democrats already targeting newly elected (but yet to be seated) Republican House members

Not that I have a problem with that, mind you.  After all, it was two years ago when that jackwagon Alan Grayson fluked out a win in FL-8, and his jackassery made him an immediate target.  Several other low-hanging fruit were high on our hit list, too.

Here’s what I find funny, though:

It’s a similar story in Florida, where Democrats say GOP Rep.-elect Allen West (a black retired Marine – CL), an outspoken tea party favorite who defeated Democratic Rep. Ron Klein, presents an enticing target. The Florida Republican stumbled earlier last month when he named a local conservative radio host who had been supportive of his campaign to serve as chief of staff — a move West later backtracked on after he came under criticism.

“As it stands now, he’s certainly a focus,” said Brian Smoot, a former DCCC political director who ran Klein’s 2006 race for the Democratic-leaning South Beach-area seat. “Even if the district is drawn differently, I think West will have a difficult time.”

Two thoughts:

1.  Considering that Republicans control both chambers of the FL legislature, plus they own the governorship, it’s clear they will redraw districts in such a way as to favor West (despite the two new redistricting amendments that passed last month).

2.  Why do Democrats hate black people?  (Two can play that game, huh? 😆 )

December 10, 2010 - Posted by | bigotry, Florida


  1. Democrats view black people as pawns much like they view any person who isn’t white LOL!

    Comment by SojournerLove | December 11, 2010

  2. That is a fair statement. They need black people to be angry so they can continue to vote for the people who have done absolutely NOTHING to change their way of life.
    Very manipulative, really.

    Comment by Kevin | December 11, 2010

  3. The seat won by West is the one held by Republican Clay Shaw for years before beng won by two successive Dems in the last decade. It’s not a dark blue district like many others in South Florida. West, who was smeared durring the election by the local press as a person calling for the violent overthrow of the government when they took a comment about being well armed with information out of context and made it into being well armed with guns, had a great ground game, and spoke to local groups across the district, proving to the voters he was not a fool.

    As for redistricting in Florida, the political party in controll should not matter with the redisticting ammendment past last month. Congressional District lines must be drawn along City, Town, County borders. West’s district, which is unusual in shape, will end up with Boca, Corral Spings and Northern Ft. Lauderdale. So his constituency will keep the same demographics. So the district will always be a battleground as it was for Shaw for 20 years. However, as long as West keeps in contact with his voters at home, and wins his battles with the local press, he’ll be fine.

    Comment by Steve | December 13, 2010

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