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Cuba could go belly up in two or three years?

Leftists, MSM (but I repeat myself), college academia hardest hit.  Excerpt:

A newly released confidential U.S. diplomatic cable predicted Cuba’s economic situation could become “fatal” within two to three years, and detailed concerns from other countries’ diplomats — including China — that the communist-run country has been slow to adopt reforms.

The cable was written in February, months before Cuban President Raul Castro announced a major revamp of the island’s economy, laying out plans to fire a half-million state workers and open up the island to expanded forms of private enterprise. (Ouch! That’s gotta sting, huh leftists? – CL)

It is no secret that Cuba’s financial situation is increasingly dire. Raul Castro has warned that the state can no longer afford to subsidize nearly all forms of Cuban life. The government provides free health care and education, and nearly free transportation, housing and utilities. All Cubans also receive a ration book that provides them with some basic food, though not enough to live on.

Most islanders work for just $20 a month in a state-dominated economic system riddled with inefficiency. (Government control of the economy is inefficient? Who knew? – CL)

Communism fails yet again?  The heck you say!

If only Cuba could model its economic policy after the more successful communist economies of our generation, such as the Soviet Union.  Oh, wait…they went belly up about 20 years ago, didn’t they?  OK, like North Korea.  Oh, wait, they face chronic food shortages, don’t they?  OK, like…well…I’m all out of ammo on this one.

They country’s economy is in the crapper, but hey, at least they have “free” health care, right?

December 13, 2010 - Posted by | big government, Cuba, economic ignorance, socialism


  1. Cuba would have fallen years ago if Cuban supporters in the USA, Latin America, Europe and China would stop funneling cash to the island. Cuba should be the wealthiest island in the Americas. However, it’s a mess instead. Cuba and the international Left, blames the USA, as they do with everything, but it’ll br the USA, as we all know in the end saving the day when the poop hits the fan down there.

    Comment by Steve | December 13, 2010

  2. Bingo…just shut up USA, we’re always gonna hate you, but make sure you bail Cuba out! And afterward, we’ll STILL hate you.

    Comment by Kevin | December 17, 2010

  3. “Everyone knows that Cuba’s problems exist because of the American imperialist embargo, and because Cuba’s white middle class left the island in 1959. And, by the way, you’re a racist if you disagree with me.”

    This is something like what Leftists tell me about Cuba.

    Comment by cephashKepha | June 23, 2011

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