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Federal judge in VA rules ObamaCare’s individual mandate unconstitutional

It is but one win in the war against socialism and nanny statism.  But it is a big win nonetheless, especially for the Constitution!


December 13, 2010 - Posted by | big government, Constitution, health care, judiciary, Obama, socialism


  1. This is BIG since there is a provision in the law that said if one part is ruled unconstitutional, all of it is. I’m sure the admin. will appeal. By the time it gets to the Supremes the court could look a lot different considering Obams’s picks. Pray for the health of the Conservative Justices!

    Comment by Steve | December 13, 2010

  2. Steve, you could not be more dead on.

    My biggest fear since Obama was elected has been the health of the four and a half conservative justices on the court. One heart attack, stroke, accident, etc., could set the country back decades and could be unrecoverable.

    Comment by Lee | December 13, 2010

  3. I agree Crush. The sad truth is that when cases like this are weighed on their merits, the law will take care of itself. Tragically, as a case moves “higher” to the upper courts, the merits get more cloudy and ideologies become the determining factors. It scares me to think that when it gets to the Supreme Court, we can rest assured that the case will NOT be viewed on it’s merits, but on which side of the isle has the most representation on the bench.
    Like Roe v Wade, if liberal appointees are there, it will be agenda driven, and to the deepest pits of Torment with such pettiness as rule of LAW.

    Comment by Kevin | December 14, 2010

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