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MSM flipping out that the House read the document they’ve sworn to uphold and defend

From Time’s piece called “The Cult of the Constitution” (hmmm, wonder where they stand on the Constitution?):

After much hullabaloo, the 112th Congress kicked off its second day as promised: by reading the Constitution aloud on the House floor for the first time ever, per a chamber historian. Except not all of it. The bipartisan recitation omitted several critical passages, including the three-fifths compromise.

There’s a reason that the Three-Fifths Compromise wasn’t read, you dolts: it isn’t in the Constitution anymore!  That’s like calling Charlie Crist a Republican, though he isn’t anymore.  Subsequent amendments rendered the Compromise moot and thus stricken from the text.  Amending the Constitution without judicial activism is possible?  Who knew?

Picking up on the meme is the Washington comPost, titled “Notable passages of Constitution left out of reading in the House”.  As Ace puts it:

What the article actually describes: The “notable passages” left out of the reading are the parts of the Constitution which are no longer part of the Constitution — that is, the parts which have been replaced/written out by subsequent amendments, and are therefore not in fact “part of the Constitution,” except in a purely historical way. In the same way that two legs may be said to be part of the history of a one-legged man.

If the left actually read the Constitution, as it exists today, they might be better informed in slinging their stones.  Not that being better informed ever stopped them from opining stupidly before, so why start now?  Hell, Phil Hare got booted from office by telling everyone he didn’t care what the Constitution had to say about ObamaCare.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

January 7, 2011 - Posted by | Constitution, media bias


  1. I think it’s wonderful that the House read aloud the Constitution on it’s second day in session.

    A question thoug…Did they read the 18th Amendment and the parts of the 15th amendment stating the voting age as 21? Both of those were changed with later Ammendments. If they did, then ommiting the 3/5th compromise is odd. If they did ommit them, then there’s no harm.

    Comment by Steve | January 7, 2011

  2. The very fact that they were livid should, in the “perfect world scenario”, be grounds for immediate removal from office since they vowed that they would support and defend the constitution (not be enraged at it’s utterance). Of course, every vote for Obama-care would then leave a very empty Congress and White House, as every vote directly violated their oaths of office.
    Violating the oath? Aw heck, “we didn’t MEAN those vows! We’re amazed that you listened!” (Risky Business reference…watch the movie!)
    Simply words that were formalities to get their keys to the new offices….

    Comment by Kevin | January 8, 2011

  3. By MSM and Leftists having a hissy fit over the constitution being read they have exposed themselves. These miscreants do not give a hoot about the constitution.

    Comment by SojournerLove | January 8, 2011

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