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ObamaCare waivers skyrocket, from 222 to 729

ObamaCare is so superwickedawesome that the number of entities who want to be exempted from its awesome requirements has nearly quadrupled.  Details:

Well today, the day after the President’s State of the Union, the new waivers are up. You may recall that there were 222 such waivers approved in November. That number has now jumped to 729 through the end of December. The total number of people covered by the waivers has gone from 1.5M to just under 2.2M. The list includes the usual assortment of union locals and businesses.

So what does that mean for the non-exempted?

This ever-expanding list of waivers is the direct result of ObamaCare raising the annual benefit caps on certain health plans. Obviously, a plan with higher annual limits is potentially more costly than one without them. The money to cover the difference in premiums has to come from somewhere. Without the waivers, it will come from the employer who are forced by law to upgrade to the more expensive plan. In other words, the 729 organizations who have received waivers are not seeking refuge from an unintended consequence, but from the costs associated with one of ObamaCare’s features. The real question is what these businesses will do once the waiver program comes to an end.

If you’re not an FOB (Friend of Barack), then you may want to become one.  That way, you too can get a pass on having to abide by ObamaCare’s onerous requirements.


January 27, 2011 - Posted by | big government, corruption, health care, Obama


  1. If the Liar-in-Chief believed what he was cooking there would never be a waiver!!!

    On an unrelated note……..I wish the next time a liberal hack claimed that Palin was stupid she would respond with, I’ll show America MY college transcripts if Osama shows his!

    Comment by tnjack | January 27, 2011

  2. Exactly…Obama is getting MUCH mileage from his “take my word for it” resume; “no meed to SEE my resume…I have already SAID I did well. That should be good enough for you!”
    it makes my blood boil because we all KNOW the media would never sit still had George W refused to share his…and they would have managed to obtain them, too!

    Comment by Kevin | January 28, 2011

  3. So many people looking for waivers reminds me of rats jumping ship. All the more reason I knew Obamacare had the stench of disaster all over it.

    Comment by SojournerLove | January 28, 2011

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