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Breaking news: Some Republican Congressman you’ve never heard of resigns over being an adulterous lout

Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) is married and has kids.  He didn’t let that get in the way of hitting up women on Craigslist and sending them shirtless photos of himself.

Apparently, Boehner told him to hit the bricks, so yeserday afternoon, Lee obliged.  His seat is now vacant in NY-26, but that seat has sent a Republican nearly every time since the Civil War.  So hopefully, the state GOP (or local chapters) can find someone without such “quirks” and much less baggage.  If there’s any silver lining, at least he didn’t go full Favre here, right?

Seriously, though, good riddance to Lee.  Hopefully, he can patch things up with his family and minimize the emotional carnage that this has surely leveled on his wife.

Bill Clinton just called to say that Lee’s behavior is appalling.


February 10, 2011 - Posted by | New York, shameful


  1. Bill Clinton just called to say that Lee’s behavior is appalling.

    AND asked for her name.

    Comment by tnjack | February 10, 2011

  2. This guy is a scum bag…no question. But the double standard has got to stop. It doesn’t do any good to drain the swamp when you leave half the scum behind. Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, John Conyers, and all the rest of the liberal, criminal scum should all be GONE (and prosecuted).

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | February 10, 2011

  3. Amazing how the Republicans take out the garbage while the Dem’s just let it sit there stinking while it rots. (From Dux, formally known as Lee.)

    Comment by Dux | February 10, 2011

  4. Amen Dux! Uh oh , do I offend with such religous terminology?

    Comment by Kevin | February 11, 2011

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