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Chicago government school union member: “Give up the bucks!”

Comforting to know this genius is “teaching” somebody’s kids.

Sometimes, words aren’t even necessary…so the video will do:


February 11, 2011 - Posted by | public education, shameful, taxes, unions


  1. The question at the end is, “Is this the attitude of the typical Public School Teacher?” No it is not. Chicago, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, LA is not everywhere in the USA. Most public school teachers do with a whole lot less than those teachers in the Northeast and “the Big Cities.” However , many of those that are hating on teachers right now use the dollar numbers from those Northeastern and Big City as examples to attack the public school system teachers.
    Most of us teachers know we are in tough times, as a country, right now better than most people. Most teachers are thankful to have jobs to provide for our families. We see the effects of the economy on our students ability to learn every day. Students don’t learn when their hungry, worried where they’re going to live next week or if their parents are unable to provide them with the basic supplies, such as paper and pencils, in order to complete their work. Most teachers provide for our students quietly, without thanks and out of our own means, when the parents can’t. Nevertheless, we get blamed for most of the ills of society by those with a political agenda against the union that represents us.
    Bottom line, don’t hate of the teachers, because of some greedy examples from the big cities and their union.

    Comment by Steve | February 12, 2011

  2. Steve, all I can say is wow. I certainly hope you are not an english teacher…”those that are hating…”, “Most of us teachers know we are in tough times, as a country, right now better than most people.”, WTH???…”our students ability to”…”when their hungry,”…”don’t hate of the teachers”…I have NO idea here.

    But hey, thanks to your union YOU probably have tenure and your inability to master the written language will be passed down to future generation. Congrats!

    Comment by back from the hole | February 12, 2011

  3. Steve, I’m not sure, but it sounds like you have been programmed by the “system”; poverty and “worrying about their next meal” seem to impact American kids harder than the truly poor and hungry children of India who out perform our kids by leaps and bounds…all the while they live without the entitlements that exist here where children eat twice as much, or more, and dont live on dirt floors surrounded by particle board walls…it isnt poverty, despite what the AEA might claim…poverty is the excuse used to try to explain away the poor quality our ever-decreasingly performing system experiences. If poverty was the true cause, then logic would require Kids in India be the worst students around…try again

    Comment by Kevin | February 15, 2011

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