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Democrats: Republicans want to kill Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird. Or something.

Oh.  My.  Stars.  This didn’t really happen, did it?

House Democrats made their case for continuing taxpayer funding of public media outlets like NPR and PBS with a little help from Arthur the PBS cartoon character, who visited the Capitol Wednesday morning.

The friendly aardvark will joined Democratic Reps. Edward Markey of Massachusetts, Earl Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and others to hit back against Republicans who have pledged to cut the funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the next budget.

Republicans released their plan to cut more than $60 billion from the federal budget last week.

“Shameful” doesn’t even begin to to describe this.  Neither does “pathetic”, I’m afraid.

PBS programming that is desired in the marketplace will be picked up by other channels, without Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer footing the bill.  If John Doe and Heroes are allowed to wither on the free market’s vine, then by (insert politically correct deity here), so should Bill Moyers and Nova.

February 16, 2011 - Posted by | big government, shameful

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  1. Absolutely…how about they also cut every dollar of foreign aid to all the countries with their empty hand out while they burn our flag with the other?

    Comment by Kevin | February 19, 2011

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