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MSM fiddles as economy burns. Global “warming” real, but economic catastrophe? Not so much.

There is a great column on how the MSM has declared war on budget cuts by Richard Benedetto.  Excerpt:

Now that budget battles have begun in earnest all around the country, those advocating spending cuts, Democrat and Republican, had better not expect any help in furthering their cause from the mainstream news media. In fact, the news media might be their most formidable foe.

How so? Well, now that we know the targets of the cuts, the news media, suckers for a sob story, are already throbbing with carefully orchestrated, heart-rending tales about what devastation those cuts will cause:

Children who won’t be fed; students unable to afford college; classrooms bursting at the seams; cancers that will not be treated; trains that won’t run; roads that won’t be built; families becoming homeless or freezing in their unheated homes; single mothers who will lose child care and job training; food that will not be inspected; water and air that will be more polluted; farmers forced from their land; playgrounds, parks, museums, libraries and health clinics closed …

You know the drill.

He cites specific examples of MSM malfeasance, where they add a face to the purported “victims” of our financial housecleaning.  It seems as though our media don’t seem to recognize the need for budget cuts, with insolvency and bankruptcy not even registering as a blip on their radar.

By contrast…

As Ace notes:

Yes, it is odd — the science is settled but it appears the unavoidable and simple arithmetic is infinitely mutable and open to question.

Why are those who claim that math has suddenly stopped functioning in 2010 not deemed to be “anti-math”? (Or just anti-science, as math is the handmaiden of the sciences.) Why are those who deny fiscal reality not termed Financial Catastrophe Denialists, on par with Holocaust Denialists?

So here we have a genuine, provable calamity on the horizon (and by “horizon,” I mean 3-5 years), and the media fails to take to task those who deny we have a serious problem, permitting them to speak in gibberish and evasions rather than commit to staving off financial Armageddon.

NBC has a Green Week. Think they’ll start a Solvency Week? To similarly raise awareness?

Don’t count on it. While the media is eager to expose what it believes is erroneous thinking that hurts the liberal cause, they have no desire at all to cure erroneous thinking that helps the liberal cause.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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