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WI Dems may shoot themselves in the foot over union measure

Most of you are probably aware of the situation in Wisconsin: the Dems were roundly defeated in an erstwhile blue state, and they are ignoring the election results with a hyperdefiance.

The WI House passed a bill to remove collective barganing from public employee unions (since public unions are crippling the state’s budget), and the newly elected governor has stated that he will sign this bill once the Senate acts on it.  The WI Senate requires 20 members to be present to pass budgetary laws, and while all 19 Republicans are present, none of the 14 Democrats are.  They fled the state, refusing to do the taxpayer-funded jobs to which they were elected, in a display of cowardice and arrogance stunning only in its proportion.

It was rumored that the Senate would bring up the issue in a separate non-budgetary bill (which wouldn’t require a single Democrat to be there), a “nuclear option” of sorts.  Bad news: that was just a rumor.  Good news: Republicans will vote on other bills that Democrats hate and won’t be there to demagogue or flip Republicans to their side.  Details:

Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said today the Senate will not break out proposed collective bargaining changes from the governor’s budget repair bill so Republicans can approve them with just their 19 members present.

Republicans have been unable to approve the budget repair bill because they need 20 members present for a quorum on fiscal matters. Some Dems have questioned whether Republicans would break out the collective bargaining changes from the bill to go around the Senate Dems’ current boycott during a scheduled floor session tomorrow.

Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said such a move would not happen, but Republicans plan to move ahead with regular Senate business. In addition to tomorrow’s calendar, that could mean public hearings on other legislation, and possibly a floor vote on a voter ID bill that Democrats don’t like.

“Just because they don’t want to participate, you cant shut down the people’s work,” Fitzgerald said.

While I wish the GOP would grow a pair and take down the public unions in the separate measure, I’ll take porking the Dems up the chute on other issues.  Anything to make the left’s life miserable is good news for citizens of WI, no?

Nationally, unions are taking a beating in public opinion polls on this issue.  Then again, union contempt for the public which they purport to serve is already apparent.


February 21, 2011 - Posted by | shameful, unions, Wisconsin


  1. Ya know… If this had been Republicans fleeing from their duties, the roar of the call for them to be impeached would be deafening.

    I wonder if the Governor has the ability to remove them from their seats since they have refused to perform their official duties?

    Comment by Whittlin' Man | February 22, 2011

  2. Yeah, refusal to come to work gets any other employee fired!
    Also, how in God’s holy name can people CLAIM to support fair elections yet OPPOSE showing ID at the polls? The ONLY reason anyone would oppose that is because it would help prevent voter fraud, which of course, dems are notorious for anyway

    Comment by Kevin | February 23, 2011

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