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Obama and Reid lie about government shutdown stopping Social Security checks from going out

Democrats lying?  The heck you say!  Details:

What happens to Social Security if the government shuts down?

People don’t get their Social Security checks.” That was President Obama at a press conference last week.

And this is Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate, in a statement on Tuesday: “A shutdown could … mean no Social Security checks for seniors.”

The Democrats are saber rattling, hoping to portray Republicans as irresponsible. And the claim has been repeated by other top Democrats.

Oh no!  The horror!  The horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Except for one little problem: it’s a bald-faced lie.

Here’s the rub: It doesn’t appear to be true.

During the last major shutdown, which lasted about a month starting in late 1995, the Social Security Administration mailed checks throughout the crisis, and a close reading of established law makes clear the agency has the legal authority to do so again.

“I am absolutely sure the checks would be sent out,” said John F. Cooney, a partner at law firm Venable who designed shutdown plans for the government while employed at the Office of Management and Budget.

Robert Reischauer, president of the Urban Institute and a trustee of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds, backed that view, saying claims that benefits won’t be paid are “not true.”

It should come as no surprise that Dems are trying to scare seniors into fearing the GOP will stop their SS checks from coming.  They’ve tried this tactic before, about 15 years ago, and they try it every campaign season: Vote for me, or you won’t get a check.  Come to think of it, that’s how the left secures the welfare leeches’ votes.  But I digress.

Anywho, if any of the geezers who were collecting SS checks back in 1995 are still on this side of the turf, they will recall that their checks were not delayed at all.  Therefore, they will know that the checks will not get delayed this time, either.

Back in 1995, the left had the MSM doing their dirty work by scaring seniors with lies.  But with the development of Al Gore’s invention, plus the emergence of Fox News (s#ck it, libs), plus the diminishing influence of the dinosaur media, the amount of misinformation and leftist propaganda put out by the MSM isn’t nearly as effective as it used to be.  But hey, whatever sweetens your dreams, you lying dirtbags.


February 24, 2011 - Posted by | Obama, Reid, shameful, Social Security


  1. i wish that the dems would just shut up i”m tired of obama lying all the time ,he likes to use scare tactics which will not work, the only thing that he will accomplish is being a one termer, which will be the best thing that can happen to our country, obama has turned our country into a total mess,i cannot believe he listens to the people who are crooks like uaw all they want is money that obama probably owes them to buy his presidency, now he has to pay them back with our money, and his stupid followers stand right behind him what a bunch of idioits.

    Comment by karen dixon | February 25, 2011

  2. i”ll be glad when 2012 gets here because obama will be booted out of office with any luck, everybody is suffering except the very rich, people like me and others that draw ssd, are really having it bad we our the poorest of the poor and obama doesn”t care, not in the least, and he and his dems really set a good example for youngsters, dems hiding when the going get rough boy what a bunch of cowards running the country, and running down the tea party, now that is real maturity,keep up the lousy work.

    Comment by karen dixon | February 25, 2011

  3. I’m not the richest of the rich. I provide for a 4 person family with an income under $45000 per year. I’m not suffering. Sure, I can’t go buy a new motorcycle if I want one, nor can I afford to blow $600 on an iPad…but then again, having enough to “get by”, contrary to the left, is not suffering.
    So, while your rant against Obama is entertaining, albeit sparsely punctuated, the “everybody is suffering” statement isn’t quite fair. We get by, we pinch here, do without that luxury there, but I got no beef against the “richest of the rich”.
    Just sayin…

    Comment by Kevin | February 27, 2011

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