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Liberal blogger wonders: Why does the MSM ignore death threats against Wisconsin Republicans, and why does the rest of the left condone those threats?

I am about to break one of my own rules here by linking to the moonbat blog Huffington Post.  I never link to the moonbat blogs, because they can generate their own traffic by trolling the dark, depraved cellars of mankind all by themselves.  That said, this time merits an exception.  Plus, it’s my blog, so I get to both make and break the rules here.  😆

Undoubtedly, this guy will now be threatened for breaking Commandment #1 among the left: “Thou shalt not stray from the leftist plantation, either in philosophy or in conduct, lest ye be persecuted.”  You must, must read the guy’s column!  Here’s an excerpt:

Why isn’t the mainstream media talking about the death threats against Republican politicians in Wisconsin?

Try to set aside whatever biases or preconceptions you might have for a moment and ask yourself why death threats against politicians aren’t considered national news, especially in the wake of the all too fresh shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and other bystanders. And there hasn’t just been one death threat, but a number of them.

[Examples here. Like I said, go read the column! – CL]

On the other hand, if you read conservative blogs or listen to conservative media, you know all about these threats because people like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and websites like Newsbusters and BigJournalism have not only been talking about the death threats for days now but they’ve been talking about the mainstream and liberal media ignoring the threats for days.

Ignoring the story of these threats is deeply, fundamentally wrong. It’s bad, biased journalism that will lead to no possible good outcome and progressives should be leading the charge against it.

Just before writing this article, I did a Google search and it’s stunning to find out that the right wing media really isn’t exaggerating — proven death threats against politicians are being ignored by the supposedly honest media. If you’ve never agreed with a single thing that Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly et al have said about anything, you can’t in any good conscience say that they don’t have a point here. Death threats are wrong and if a story like Wisconsin is national news for days, then so are death threats.

He then goes on to make the case against public sector unions’ ability to collectively bargain by quoting the golden calf of the left: FDR! Ouch! He outlines the “bile and invective” he got from the left for doing this, which leads him to wonder:

Is this really what liberalism has come to in 2011? (Welcome to Realityville, pal. Liberal population here: 1. You’re all alone, dude. – CL)

Since working with Breitbart, my position on political issues hasn’t changed but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m deeply disappointed by the virulent, lockstep attitude I see on the left. My experience in the last few months tells me what I would not have believed possible; on any number of issues (including Pigford, by the way) I’ve seen liberals act much nastier and with less factual honesty than the conservatives… and this includes on issues where I disagree with conservatives.

Burying the death threat story is a clear example of intellectual dishonesty and journalistic bias.

I doubt that he and I agree on very much of anything.  However, he is 100% dead on with this.  The MSM is a friggin’ joke for its embargo of these threats, and the left is losing what shards of credibility they have remaining (which, if recent elections are any indicator, is damning).  Kudos to one liberal for having the stones to say “Guys, can’t we for once be intellectually honest?”, even if his brethren answer with a resounding “Not a chance, pal!”


March 18, 2011 - Posted by | hypocrisy, media bias, moonbats


  1. “Guys, can’t we for once be intellectually honest?”,

    To which the liberal media might respond, “Heh heh heh…of COURSE we can’t! WE have agendas to advance, and we can’t have REALITY interfering with that!”

    Comment by Kevin | March 18, 2011

  2. I’ve been convinced for years that those in DC and those leading the respective parties both nationally and locally view politics as a game and the parties are rivals. The issues don’t matter. One party takes one side and the other party takes the opposite view automatically.

    There are issues that divide and define each party, but let’s be honest, on most issues, all of us can agree. We’ve let the radicals ( in the parties and in the media) drive the agenda and divide us for too long. Thank God someone of the Huff Post is speaking up and stepping away from the abyss

    Comment by Steve | March 18, 2011

  3. Is this liberal bloggers post the beginning of an awakening of those on the left with some shred of common sense remaining in their being? Nah, couldn’t be. Just a momentary lapse of the leftist line soon to be corrected by his fellow lefties. Probably.

    Comment by J.Guidry | March 18, 2011

  4. This guy probably got death threats for TALKING about the death threats…

    Comment by Kevin | March 21, 2011

  5. Liberal blogger=Voided of reality.

    The LSM will never cover any death threats against Republicans simply, because it goes against the template of the media portraying Republicans as the “hateful and mean spirited ones” and Democrats as the “compassionate and tolerant” ones.

    Comment by Tyrone | March 25, 2011

  6. Becuase like the rest of the main-stream news media they dont ever tell the truth

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | March 30, 2011

  7. […] Liberal blogger wonders: Why does the MSM ignore death threats against Wisconsin Republicans, and wh… ( […]

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