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NBC: We’re not reporting on GE avoiding all federal taxes, which is totally unrelated to the fact that GE is our parent company

Nothing to see here, move along:

It’s the kind of accountability journalism that makes readers raise an eyebrow, if it doesn’t raise their blood pressure first. General Electric Co., reported the New York Times last week, earned $14.2 billion in worldwide profits last year, including $5.1 billion in the United States — and paid exactly zero dollars in federal taxes.

The front-page story drew widespread commentary in newspapers and on many Web sites. ABC News and Fox News, among others, were all over it.

But the story was conspicuously absent from the reportage of one news organization: NBC.

During its Friday broadcast, “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams” had no time to mention that America’s largest corporation had essentially avoided paying federal taxes in 2010. Or its Saturday, Sunday or Monday broadcasts, either.

Did NBC’s silence have anything to do with the fact that one of its parent companies is General Electric?

Of course not!  Just a simple “editorial decision”, nothing more.  Nope, there were bigger fish to fry:

But to others, NBC’s silence looks like something between a lapse and a coverup. The satirical “Daily Show” on Monday noted that “Nightly News” had time on Friday to squeeze in a story about the Oxford English Dictionary adding such terms as “OMG” and “muffin top,” but didn’t bother with the GE story.

Even Jon Stewart is cracking on NBC for this?  Yeah, but even some erstwhile liberal groups have a problem with it (evil corporations, etc.):

Ignoring stories about its parent company’s activities is “part of a troubling pattern” for NBC News, said Peter Hart, a director at Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), a liberal media watchdog group that often documents instances of corporate interference in news. He cited a series of GE-related stories that NBC’s news division has underplayed over the years, from safety issues in GE-designed nuclear power plants to the dumping of hazardous chemicals into New York’s Hudson River by GE-owned plants.

What’s more, Hart notes, NBC News has covered corporate tax-avoidance stories before — that is, when they didn’t involve GE. All three networks’ news divisions, according to Hart, have become reliable sources of publicity for their parents’ other corporate interests, doing news stories about upcoming sporting events or new TV shows carried on their own networks.

This isn’t media bias.  It’s media corruption.


March 30, 2011 - Posted by | corruption, media bias


  1. To which they respond… “So what? We’re NBC!”

    Comment by Kevin | March 30, 2011

  2. Well what dose the liberals think of their beloved war monger in the whitehouse will HANOI JANE and a few of their hollyweird freinds board their peace bus and drive it to WASHINGTON D.C. will thousands of antiwar protesters march around in the capital demanding a end to this illegal war and will the UNOBLE BOBBY PRIZE COMMITY vote to recind OBAMA prize?

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | March 31, 2011

  3. What? Is NBC still on the air? Really? And, does anyone expect any of the MSM to really report anything which does not conform to the idyllic picture as painted by the left? I certainly don’t. That’s why I don’t watch their news(propaganda) programs. And not very much of anything else on them either. If I want info, I go to the internet or FOX, then I try to research what I have doubts about. Don’t trust none of ’em.

    Comment by J.Guidry | March 31, 2011

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