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Obama: Congress needs to meet with me to avoid a shutdown. And by “me”, I mean “not me”.

From the Washington comPost:

A fiery President Obama insisted Tuesday that if he and congressional leaders couldn’t reach a deal to avert a government shutdown, “I want a meeting again tomorrow here at the White House.”

“I will invite the same folks that we invited today,” he added. “And if that doesn’t work, we’ll invite them again the day after that. And I will have my entire team available to work through the details of getting a deal done.”

Well, at least it’s good to see that he’s not voting “present” this time.  Nope, instead, he’s voting “absent”!

Obama’s team may not include the president himself. Despite the impasse in Washington over federal spending, the president as of early Wednesday was scheduled to give two speeches outside of Washington: one on energy in the Philadelphia suburbs, then another Wednesday evening to a group of black political activists in New York.

But hey, I’m sure he’s got a good reason for not taking a leadership role in heading off a government shutdown.  Yeah…”good reason“:

Obama will be speaking Wednesday for the first time as commander in chief at the annual convention of the National Action Network and standing with its founder, the Rev. Al Sharpton – whom the President largely ignored before his 2008 election.

The symbolic speech at the Sheraton in midtown – coming just days after the President held two events in Harlem – indicates that Obama, who is battling slipping poll numbers, is trying to bolster his standing among African-Americans, political scientists said.

Why take an active role in breaking a budgeting impasse when you’ve got race-hustling poverty homeys to hang with for fundraising, right?

April 6, 2011 - Posted by | big government, bigotry, Obama, shameful

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