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One onerous requirement of ObamaCare repealed by Senate, Obama will sign

Of course the Obamunist will sign it, with a veto-proof majority like this backing it:

After a months-long battle, the Senate voted Tuesday, 87 to 12, to repeal the 1099 tax-reporting requirement in Democrats’ healthcare reform bill.

The measure now goes to the president, who is expected to sign it, making it the first part of his party’s signature reform bill to be scrapped.

The measure, initially included as a funding measure for the healthcare bill, does away with the requirement for companies to report to the IRS transactions valued at more than $600. While the provision has had few backers in either party, debate over its repeal had dragged on for months.

Remember when San Fran Nan said we had to pass the bill to find out what was in it?  As we’ve seen numerous times since then, there’s a bunch of stuff in it: a change in House Speaker, a reduction in Senate Democrats, etc.  😆  This anti-business measure was so massively unpopular that only the most liberal of leftists supported it.

One part of ObamaCare repealed, so many more parts to go!

April 6, 2011 - Posted by | big government, economic ignorance, health care, Obama, taxes


  1. His royal annoying one will leave his hoofprints in history

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | April 7, 2011

  2. And a huge steaming pile of manure in the trail of those hoof-prints.

    Comment by Kevin | April 7, 2011

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