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Washington comPost: Pelosi’s a liar

Yeah, I know: we already knew that.  But kudos to the comPost for at least bucking the party line at least once in their miserable lives, right?

Quoth San Fran Nan:

“In one of the bills before us, 6 million seniors are deprived of meals — homebound seniors are deprived of meals. People ask us to find our common ground, the middle ground. Is middle ground 3 million seniors not receiving meals? I don’t think so. We’ve got to take this conversation from a debate about numbers and dollar figures and finding middle ground there to the higher ground of national values. I don’t think the American people want any one of those 6 million people to lose their meals or the children who are being thrown off of Head Start and the rest of it.”

— House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), April 4, 2011

Really?  Six million seniors?

The first problem with Pelosi’s statistic is that, according to the agency’s budget documents, only about 2.6 million seniors receive such meals. That’s even less than what she decried as the mushy middle ground of compromise.

After we pointed out that fact, Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said “she means meals for seniors — 6 million meals.” In 2011, the agency is expected to deliver a little over 200 million meals, so that’s a cut of about three percent.

That’s a pretty big “oops.” She referred to “6 million seniors,” “3 million seniors” and “6 million people.” We understand slips of a tongue, but three times in a row, so emphatically, is hard to fathom.

But Hammill tried to defend the number of 6 million, though he acknowledged that “that pot of money I mentioned is not exclusively dedicated to this program.”

Translation: OK, I know the cut isn’t targeted to this program.  But Nancy Botox isn’t going to let a trivial thing like facts get in the way of her shameless lying.

The comPost actually seems appalled (giving her Four Pinocchios), prompting me to wonder where they’ve been all these years that the San Fransicko Tart has been in DC:

In a city with overheated rhetoric, Pelosi’s statement ranks high on this year’s list of bloviated bluster. It’s bad enough that she repeatedly mixed up 6 million meals and 6 million people — and made no effort to correct the record after her statement was reported in the media. But the figure she used appears to have been invented itself, with little basis in fact.

Go figure.


April 7, 2011 - Posted by | Pelosi, shameful


  1. It reminds me of the Manturian Canidate when Senator John Islin keeps making up new and different numbers for the number of Communists in the State Department. The senators wife said people are not asking how many communists are there in the State Department, but are there Communists in the State Department.

    It’s the same thing here. It’s not how many seniors are going to be hurt, but the feelings that are produced, and the outrage against Republicans they hope to raise going into the next election cycle.

    As Crush says, Liberaliam is not about facts but feelings.

    Comment by steve | April 7, 2011

  2. heres hoping the WASHINGTON COMPOST,NEW YORK SLIMES and ATLANTA URINAL/CONSTPATION all go bankrupt and thier chief editors are forced to sell pencils to make ends meet

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | April 8, 2011

  3. San Fran Nan, with her outlandish statements and bold faced lies, often raises eyebrow’s in D.C., (well, except for HER eyebrow’s which she hasn’t been able to raise since 1969 when she first started Botox injections). Like all liberal progressives, there is no truth in them. Which reminds me, why is it that you or I could go to jail if we lied to Congress but if they lie to us, it’s “just politics”?

    Comment by Im_bonafide | April 8, 2011

  4. Hard to believe the Post had the guts for once!

    Comment by Scott | April 9, 2011

  5. The one real good use for the WASHINGTON COMPOST,NEW YORK SLIMES,ATLANTA URINAL/CONSTIPATION is lining a birdscage with

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | April 11, 2011

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