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The irony of Obama picking GWU as the backdrop to his budget speech

David Whelan puts all of this in the proper perspective:

One thing that occurred to me was that it was kind of a strange location to talk about belt-tightening.

After all, George Washington University has been crowned the most expensive school to attend in the country, costing $56,000 a year.

GW’s been the most expensive, or one of them, for many years. As a college applicant it is one of those places where the guidance counselor warns: this is a good school but get ready to drain your family’s bank account. The school has even tried to address its reputation as the most-expensive but without much visible success.

OK, so GWU is an expensive school.  It must be that the school’s academic results are just that darned good, right?  Yeah, right:

In terms of dollars-to-value, GW ranks in the basement. U.S. News, which does not sort by tuition, has it as the 51st best university in the country. Forbes takes cost into consideration when ranking colleges. We have GW as the, get ready: 291st best college.

Would you fill up your brokerage account with shares of what Morningstar calls the 291st best mutual fund? Or pay Mercedes prices for the 51st best car rated by Consumer Reports?

When costs are considered, as they should be, GW ranks down near other expensive schools like the University of Miami and Syracuse University. Forbes ranks it below solid, small, and inexpensive places to get your bachelors, like Grove City College and Fisk University.

Ouch! Grove City College and Fisk University? Hey, I’m not knocking those two schools…if, for no other reason, than they’re way better than GWU!

OK, so what does GWU’s charging more and delivering less have to do with anything?  I think you see where this is going:

Back to Obama’s speech. In a sense George Washington is a metaphor for the federal budget. Are we as taxpayers getting our money’s worth? Are GW students, who pay the most, getting the best college degree?

Did President Obama see the irony of appearing at George Washington University to discuss how to cut spending? Probably not.

Note to self: Do NOT send kids to GWU.


April 15, 2011 - Posted by | economic ignorance, irony, Obama

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