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US government: Protect the Koran at all costs, but torching the Bible is A-OK

Shameful details:

The U.S. government under Barack Obama is deeply committed to battling any belittlement, criticism, or questioning of Islam. (“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States,” he said, “to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”)

At the same time, however, it is OK, in the Obama regime [SEE BELOW FOR AN UPDATE],  for the U.S. government to burn Bibles. Yes, that’s right. Bibles were sent to U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. But the U.S. government determined that  the presence of Bibles in this “devoutly Muslim country” might inflame the natives.  So they burned them. Why did they burn them? Because it is military policy to burn its trash.

So, the Bibles, according to U.S. policy, are trash, garbage, and it’s OK to burn them.

When it comes to the Koran, however, an official Department of Defense memo specifies a rather different procedure. Item 4, “Handling”:

  1. Clean gloves will be put on in full view of the detainees prior to handling.
  2. Two hands will be used at all times when handling the Koran in manner signaling respect and reverence. Care should be used so that the right hand is the primary one used to manipulate any part of the Koran due to the cultural association with the left hand. Handle the Koran as if it were a fragile piece of delicate art.

Isn’t that nice? Handle it “as if it were a fragile piece of delicate art.” But burn the Bible because it is just part of your trash.

If jihadism doesn’t kill us, political correctness will.

I’m not worried.  Why?  Because I’m but a mere nomad on this mudball in this lifetime, biding my time until God calls me to my real and eternal Home.  Those of you who aren’t so sure, though?  Well, sucks for you.


April 20, 2011 - Posted by | Christianity, hypocrisy, political correctness, religion of peace, shameful


  1. This reminds me again of Algores “favorite verse of scripture” or John 16:3. “These things they will do because they have not known the Father or Me.” NASB

    Comment by Im_bonafide | April 20, 2011

  2. Well said Crush!

    Comment by Steve | April 20, 2011

  3. Burn a UN flag burn a mexican flag and see how liberals reaction

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | April 21, 2011

  4. where can I find a UN or Mexican flag to burn? Maybe, a Koran would do. I know where to get those.
    I am rapidly losing patience with the liberals and their bs. I have tendency to laugh in their face when confronted with their comments. It irritates the hell outta them.
    Good post, CL.

    Comment by J.Guidry | April 21, 2011

  5. Thanks, JG! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | April 21, 2011

  6. Just what all liberals want to do tax the rich anout lets start by taxing rich demacrats like the kennedys and the gores

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | April 22, 2011

  7. And liberal fools still claim that he is a “Christian”?
    Ephesians 5:11 and 1 John 1:6…liberals, look it up on Bible gateway, cuz I doubt you have a valid translation in your home.

    Comment by Kevin | April 25, 2011

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