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Stephanopoulos, AP reporter lament gas price toll on Obama’s poll numbers

Consider this a follow-up to my post yesterday about the MSM embargo on stories linking ObaMao policies and skyrocketing gas prices.

The MSM is acknowledging the toll that gas prices are taking on normal America Obama’s poll numbers.  George Stephanopoulos on GMA:

Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos on Monday described the country’s “gas gripes” over rising fuel costs, adding, “Soaring prices lead to new pain for the President as big oil gets ready to report record profits.” (MP3 audiohere.)

The former Democratic operative turned journalist tried to put the best spin on Barack Obama’s growing problems: “And, Jake, these gas prices are also knocking down President Obama’s poll numbers, which is why he’s out there nearly every day addressing this problem.”

The AP (note the headline, right out of the gate):

Costly gasoline clouds Obama re-election prospects

With gas prices climbing and little relief in sight, President Barack Obama is scrambling to get ahead of the latest potential obstacle to his re-election bid, even as Republicans are making plans to exploit the issue.

No one seems more aware of the electoral peril than Obama himself.

Got that?  Our difficulty enduring unreasonable gas prices are dismissed by Snuffalupagus as mere “gripes”, and both Snuffy and the AP reporter think it’s unfair to link gas prices to Obamunist policies.  There is still no mention in their discussions about permit moratoriums in the Gulf, or the refusal to open up oil shale lands or ANWR, or how the current prices are all part of ObaMao’s stated plan to “necessarily skyrocket” the cost of energy.  Nope, just a bunch of “gas prices are high, and it’s unjustly hurting Obama!”

Nope…no liberal media bias!


April 26, 2011 - Posted by | media bias, Obama, oil


  1. Well, CL, like I been saying a lot lately, “no surprise”. The MSM is not gonna blast Ovimit for policies he put in place which hurts this country and its citizens. I look at all of the MSM as “travelers” and suspect some of the FOX crew as being of the same ilk. If I were FOX, I would be hammering the airwaves with stories of how the gas prices, and not allowing drilling our own resources, was hurting the citizens of this nation. And, bringing the economy down even further.
    Fox needs to skip the “fluff” pieces and start focusing on the important issues affecting our nation.

    Comment by J.Guidry | April 26, 2011

  2. George Stupidnoplous the pathetic little wussietard and all around little twerp

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | April 26, 2011

  3. Really, since when has George (You mean your Christian Faith?) Stephanopoulos NOT been running cover for the Progressive in Chief? Gas prices suck because of him but neither Obamao nor the federal government are my source, G_d is. Oh, and never once have I ever said to anyone: “Yes, I’m a muslim…I mean, Christian! Sorry, always confuse those two”.

    Comment by Im_bonafide | April 26, 2011

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  5. Stephrnpolous makes PEE WEE HERMAN look more intellegent

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | April 27, 2011

  6. Both Democrats and Republicans are equally responsible for this mess. Neither party has proposed a energy policy since Reagan. The Right are beholden to Big Oil and Middle Eastern Princes & Dictators and the Left to the Environmental extremists who all benefit from higher oil prices. In the end, the USA has not built a new refinery since the 70’s, and we have not opened new areas of exploration in our nation since the 80’s.

    Both parties have forgotten how to compromise, and the American people get stuck paying $5 for gas.

    A pox on both houses. We need a common sense third party.

    Comment by Steve | April 27, 2011

  7. Steve, a common sense third party would be GREAT…there once WAS a third party in this nation. Anyone recall the “Whig” party? Sadly, unless I “google” the name, I don’t know what their party ideology was. I’d love to see REAL conservative policies, but with the recent political adultery committed by the old regime Republicans, I am not holding my breath another second.
    As for the “equally responsible” part, I am prepared to believe that if you could provide credible evidence other than “everyone KNOWS it’s true” (not that you would, but that is common place these days). Since George W lifted the moratorium on off shore drilling, and the prices for gasoline here in the US immediately began the decline, and since O-bum-o immediately REVOKED it when he took office, then at least in the short term, the idea that they are both equally responsible seems grossly absurd.
    George said “go ahead”, Obama said “STOP”…no, that is not an “equal share” in responsibility. I do not say that the republicans don’t SHARE responsibility, mind you (just not equal). They could have imposed regulation on the blasted oil-futures speculation “industry” when they had a super-majority, but they didn’t. That is where they and the left share one level of responsibility.
    But when when Obama placed the new moratorium on drilling, then it became a counter-measure to George’s actions. That isn’t “equal”, it is “opposite”. The worst thing is the fact the the “executive office” is ignoring the court’s order to rescind the moratorium. Only a leftie would do such a thing.
    Wow…liberals suck

    Comment by Kevin | April 28, 2011

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