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CNN and Democrats (but I repeat myself) turn bin Laden death into political attack on Bush

Well, that didn’t take long, now did it?  From Radio Vice Online:

A magnificent mission of the four-door Navy SEALs, and it took plenty of guts on the part of this president to pull the trigger on this one. But it certainly didn’t take long for the left stream media to take a shot at President Bush. Make no mistake this is a great accomplishment for the young president. But let’s not forget the groundwork and intelligence was laid by the Bush administration. Still, CNN and Democratic Congressman Gary Ackerman couldn’t resist the moment. Video below the fold.

The first video is a clip from last night CNN coverage. Wolf Blitzer is interviewing former Bush administration official Fran Townsend. He gets everything off to a good start by rubbing Townsend’s nose in it. Nice job Wolf. Oh and about the 1 min. mark, notice a comment that bleeds into the on-air broadcast. I’ve listened to this about 10 times and it sure sounds like a CNN producer, who apparently doesn’t know his Mike is feeding into the production, seems to drop a nice expletive deleted on Ms. Townsend.  You tell me. Either way, nice job CNN.

Video at the link.

You know, this is supposed to be great news for America…right?  But I guess it’s to be expected.  I mean, if Democrats don’t know how to act in mourning (see Paul Wellstone and Coretta Scott King funerals), then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they don’t know how to act in celebration, either.  Interesting, though, that the left is all about giving more props to Obama (who merely said “Yeah, go ahead” and didn’t vote “Present” for once) than the intel community and Navy SEALs who pulled this off.


May 2, 2011 - Posted by | CNN, media bias, moonbats, New York, Osama bin Laden


  1. Hard to be surprised at anything coming from the left anymore. Including this weird way of celebrating the removal of OBL from the planet. Just had to get a shot in at the Bush administration, can’t leave it alone and just find satisfaction in the event.
    Liberals are just nuts. Its a mental disease.

    Comment by J.Guidry | May 2, 2011

  2. Liberals are just nuts. Its a mental disease.

    I just heard a clip of the 3 liberal hags on The View extolling the utter magnificence of Obama and saying we don’t even need to have an election in 2012 now because he’s so wonderful… SERIOUSLY??? These people are so deranged.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | May 3, 2011

  3. Yeah, and praise God that the same hags do not influence voter activity, though they may like to believe they do. I can’t wait til the 2012’s, and can’t WAIT to see how Obama does in debate (assuming that he chooses to) against the republican challenger when the Bin Laden issue is brought up.
    then again, in the past, republicans have amanged to keep their silence when they could have thrown knock out punches (verbally, liberals, verbally). I still never underestimate the Republicans’ ability to BLOW it…

    Comment by Kevin | May 3, 2011

  4. Wouldnt take long for the demacRATS to use the death of bin lagen to try and boost their low polls

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | May 5, 2011

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