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Quote of the day, “Obama’s re-election strategy” edition


As details emerged yesterday on how Osama bin Laden was killed and how the information was obtain that led to that dramatic moment, more and more Americans were reminded that President Obama was building upon the infrastructure that President Bush and his administration very quickly assembled in the wake of 9/11. Like Switzer building upon Jimmy Johnson’s efforts, President Obama was lucky enough, in spite of his own efforts to the contrary, not to dismantle it. Or as Professor William A. Jacobson quips at Legal Insurrection,Obama may be re-elected because George Bush had the good sense not to listen to Obama.

Don’t get bent about the “he may get re-elected” part, because as Doug Mataconis demonstrates, George H.W. Bush didn’t see his post-Desert Storm bounce last long: he was bounced out of office 18 months later.

Still, a humorous quip is a humorous quip.  😆


May 3, 2011 - Posted by | Obama, Osama bin Laden, quote of the day

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