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Obama: You should re-elect me because bin Laden is dead, or something

Video clip at RCP.  Here’s part of the transcript:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Thank you for getting bin Laden.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, there you go. (Applause.) Case in point. (Applause.) It should inspire us to finish what we started. Because of you, we were able to prevent a second Great Depression. But in the next few weeks, in the next few months, the next few years, we have to make sure that the new jobs in industries of our time are created right here in the United States of America. We have to make sure that America is prepared to win the future.

In other words: Hey, I killed OBL, but I have only started to kill the American economy!  Until the economy is totally destroyed, I’m gonna need another term.

Remember when the left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) feared Bush would try to politicize 9/11?  Those were the days, eh?

May 12, 2011 - Posted by | Obama, Osama bin Laden, shameful

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  1. I wouldnt vote for that jerk even if he was the only canadate running for office

    Comment by Spurwing Plover | May 16, 2011

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