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David Gregory: All kinds of prominent Israelis agree with Obama’s calls to 1967 borders…but I can’t name a single one of these people

When he’s not busy accusing Newt Gingrich of racism for using the racial epithet “food stamp” (I feel dirty just typing that), David Gregory likes to pass him time by publicly exposing himself as a leftist hack d0uchebag.  From Newsbusters:

DAVID GREGORY, “MEET THE PRESS” HOST: I just want to make a point here. Joe, I disagree with you. This is not just the view of the White House in terms of what they think Israel ought to accept. This also reflects prominent views within Israel that this speech was actually good news for the Israeli government for some of the points that have already been laid out here.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: Obviously, we talked about earlier, on the minds of a lot of people inside the White House and the state department is the U.N. vote coming up this fall, David, and this is seen as leverage obviously for that. We’ve talked about that. But you said this is also seen as good news for some in Israel. What major Israeli public figures have come out supporting the President’s speech?

GREGORY: Well, I (stammers), I don’t think there have been major public figures that have, but some of the commentary that’s coming out of (stammers) the commentary in the press there and others who are looking at the situation are, are recognizing that some of these factors diplomatically are actually positive for Netanyahu.

Well, there’s, um….I mean, there is uh…I almost forgot that guy, um…

Heh.  😆


May 21, 2011 - Posted by | Israel, media bias, Obama


  1. So the Israeli liberal press supports, and they are talking to America’s liberal press and that means there is wide spread support for Obama’s proposal in Israel.


    Comment by Steve | May 21, 2011

  2. Come on!!! OF COURSE many of the most influential Israelis support Obama’s line! (And now, we come back from BIZARRO WORLD!)

    So, Barry Bonehead…Mr. Liar in Chief…howz about you push Syria and Jordan go back to their ORIGINAL boarders before THEY kicked the “Palestinians” out?!?!? Hmmmm??? Not much for that, Barry??? Well then, how about you sit down with ole Jimmah Carter and eat a big ole bowl of STFU?!?!!?

    Comment by Manic | May 22, 2011

  3. I was listening to Rush on friday when the Liar-in-Chief was speaking with BN. I thought Rush Limbaugh was going to actually giggle with glee as Barry sat there fuming while Benjamin left no doubt that Israel was NOT going to do as Barry had ordered! Limbaugh went on to describe Barry’s hand-covered facial expressions as he was just SCHOOLED by Netanyahu and totally humiliated in front of the live cameras before the entire world! Rush went on to say the Dems’ first order of business was going into “damage control”. Sheer arrogance prevented Nobama from considering BN might ever disagree with him!
    Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by tnjack | May 23, 2011

  4. That video of the Marxist trying to stare down Netanyahu at the press conference was just despicable. He’s nothing more than a petulant, small time thug with a colossal ego. I so badly wanted to see BB Netanyaho reach over and b#tch slap the Marxist right across the head. Obama is messing with the wrong guy!
    I stand with Israel!!!

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | May 24, 2011

  5. I’d love to see the “bitch slap” scenario happen. If this is how arrogant he is with BN, a true leader, what is the Ovimit gonna do when he is losing in 2012? I think he’ll lose it when the numbers are not going his way. Publicly would be my preference, for everyone to see.

    Comment by J.Guidry | May 25, 2011

  6. what is the Ovimit gonna do when he is losing in 2012?

    He has the new Unfavorable Online Media Czar whose job it is to squash any negative story about the Marxist. I hope the dude eats his wheaties.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | May 25, 2011

  7. He has the new Unfavorable Online Media Czar whose job it is to squash any negative story about the Marxist.

    H3ll, this site alone will keep the new guy busy! 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | May 25, 2011

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